Our Story

The basis for our program was born while thinking of a way to improve the player’s experience for an Orlando Youth Hockey Tournament.  With the support of some hockey friends (Bill Shafer & Harry Brockman), his brother Micheal DiPaolo, his family, and the youth hockey board the idea turned in to a reality.

The initial broadcasting program has blossomed in to a company that includes travel youth hockey tournaments at RDV, SAHOF state championships, ACHA D3 Southeastern Regionals, and University of Central Florida home games.  We have enabled families around the world to watch their players from their home, hospitals, police & fire stations, and from a US Military base in the Middle East.

Our promise is to continue expanding the program with technological advances and creative programming ideas enhancing your viewing pleasure.  That is the DSPN Live Difference!

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What channel speaks to you?

Whether you’re watching from our center ice cam on the Olympic rink or our end zone cam in the Pro rink, you can rest assure all the action is fast and furious from the Orlando Ice Den!  

Olympic Rink

Join us from our Center Ice Seats at the Orlando Ice Den Olympic Rink.  With a 100′ x 200′ surface, the action is fast paced, end to end, and side to side with plenty of room for the fastest skaters to create unbelievable opportunities.  For defenders and goaltenders this rink is not for the faint of heart!  

Pro Rink

Our set here is in the corner shooting over the right shoulder of the visiting goaltender creating and incredible angle of all the action up close and personal!  As play moves up and down the ice, you will have a unique view of the play developing in full view including coming right at your television in the attack zone below our camera.